OPS 105 Partitioning System

OPS 105 Partitioning System

Office Partition System

Series 105 Partition framing system has been designed to be single or double glazed applications as shown left.

The wide glazing pocket (16.50mm) will accept glass up to 12.50mm thick with 8mm bite.

With screw ports close to the front and back faces we can pull the joints up tight.

The 105mm wide frame will give us about 44mm gab between glass, varies slightly depending on the glass thickness.

Minimal new extrusion for double and single glazed version.

Three glazing bead options:

  • * 90 degree square bead.
  • * 45 degree splayed bead.
  • * 25 degree splayed bead.

The square bead is braced to make sure it stays within the main frame jamb line – does not bulge after glazing wedges have been applied.

The splayed beads shed dust – ideal for projects where dust collection platforms are a problem.

The Silica Gel crystals are fitted under the snap-on cover, this cover is designed to be removed in the future when crystals need to be replaced.

Sill members have central support leg/s designed to help the sill carry heavy glass panels, this leg also reduces the chance of sill dishing when the sill is screwed down to the floor.

Slimline, wideline or shadowline perimeter frame options.

All screw splines have relieving ‘v’ grooves to make it easier to drive the screws home.

Custom snap-on door stops to suit 50mm and 40mm thick door panels.

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